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About Me

What – Art by Lena is an online shop selling original paintings, art prints, bookmarks, postcards, stickers and other stationery. Using only excellent quality paint, paper and supplies, my art is unique and magical, designed to bring joy to people worldwide.

Who – My name is Lena and I am a budding artist specialising in watercolour. Outside of my art bubble, I enjoy leisurely reading, going for walks in nature, drinking coffee in quirky places, and spending time with my family and friends. Art by Lena started off as a hobby and has now progressed into something bigger. I aspire to pursue my dedication to build my small business, as well as supporting my role in the publishing industry.

Why – I started to build up on the idea of opening my own shop to sell my artwork after gathering a lot of interest from friends and family. Ever since I was a young girl I have always used art as a creative outlet to step away from reality. I aspire to create inspirational art that brings positive vibes to my customers and their surroundings, and to help others mentally and emotionally through the aesthetics of my designs.

Where – I am based in London, UK, and I ship worldwide. Despite living in a big, over-built city, London has many beautiful spots where I can gather inspiration from. My work is largely inspired by dainty florals and colourful skyscapes – and London certainly has plenty of these. One just needs to take time to stop and admire the beauty all around us.